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Audi Chip Tuning

To put a chip tune on an Audi, you need to remove the EPROM containing the engine and replace it with a chip with redesigned software.  Unless you have a turbo, you will probably get just a small horsepower bump from a chip tune; you’re better off upgrading your engine to improve compression, airflow, engine […]

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Toyota Supra: 90s Luxury & Performance That’s Still Relevant Today

When we think of luxury cars, we assume that discerning motorists will only want the latest cars. That might be true of some people, but others still lust after older models. One example that is the pure epitome of luxury and performance is the Toyota Supra. Back in 1992, Toyota unveiled the “A80” shape or […]

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5 Logical Reasons You Should Opt For A Small Engine This Year

There are many factors people consider when swapping their car. However, engine size has become the prime consideration for many people. That is because there are lots of benefits to selecting something smaller this time around. Today, we’re going to spend some time discussing all the advantages in the hope of clarifying the situation. As […]

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Ronaldo and powerful cars

Ronaldo, the former soccer player, joined to a poker tournament in the biggest annual poker festival in Barcelona – Spain, PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT). The Brazilian football legend joins “Team PokerStars SportStars” alongside Rafael Nadal, Boris Becker and others. The tournament’s prizes worth € 5,000 and the event were attended by members of Team […]

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Ssang Yong Actyon – an excellent car and a special appearance on the road

I’m looking for a new car and I stopped to Ssang Yong Actyon. This is a compact SUV with a coupe profile built by the South Korean automobile manufacturer Ssang Yong Motor. Ssang Yong Actyon replaced the Ssang Yong Musso (by the way one of my neighbors has a Musso for the last 12 years […]

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The Latest News on Hyundai and SsangYong!

The hot news travel quick, so here are some of the most exciting novelties about the hottest Korean cars. 1. Hyundai gets a new partner to help reinvent its racing attitude. Recently a deal has been closed between Hyundai and the famous engineering design and  manufacturer Cosworth. Their forces will unite to recreate the amazing […]

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Consider a Hyundai for a Business Car Lease

Hyundai has built a global reputation for sheer excellence, providing beautiful cars with fantastic, unique features that make their models stand head and shoulders above the competition. Hyundai is a very popular automobile in the business world, with executives from all walks of life aspiring to get their hands on one! A lot of businesspeople […]

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Minibus Driving Safety Tips

The most important part of operating a minibus is to the deliver the passengers to their destination safely and on time. You will also need the correct minibus insurance that will cover your passengers. This is true for both professional drivers and those using a minibus for personal use. Important safety tips Going with the flow […]

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Best Brand Name Motorcycle Parts For Sale Online

When it comes to some items, brand loyalty is the exclusive province of social climbers.  For every person who prefers clothes that prominently display a clothing brand logo, there is someone who deliberately avoids such logos.  Some people prefer off-brand clothes on the grounds that they don’t like the idea of labeling people.  When it […]