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25 thoughts on “BIGBANG | Shouting Korea [HYUNDAI Clip#1]

  1. “SHOUTING OF SEUNGRI!!” lol he cant remember ^_^ <3

  2. Aw, no one cares about what Daesung has to say. Haha. His expressions when they ignore him are so adorable.

  3. Thanks for subbing *-* muak~

  4. LOL ! At first when Seungri was like ‘ AH ! I forgot the name of the song !’ And start shouting
    Then GD and Daesung were like , SHOUTING OF SEUNGRI ! Haha
    That’s become the title then , HAHA

  5. lol Daesung!:) love u guys !^^

  6. Poor Daesung I know how he feels..XD…They’re awesome

  7. lmfao TOP!
    and the “daebak” part was DAEBAK!

  8. AWW poor dae sung!! gdragon is a cutie tho!

  9. wahhh i love the boys but i wish i understood what they are saying in the clips

  10. @twinkleex3
    hello there. i am stalking you on purpose hehe 😀

  11. what is this show?

  12. omg!!! I can’t stop looking at GD, he’s soooo cute! <3

    and then Taeyang just randomly starts to dance?? lmao!! xD
    and poor Daesung :')

  13. TOP lookin goooood <3<3<3
    GD+DEA+Seungri LOOOOL
    YB *-* cute when he dances suddenly

  14. daesungs lame jokess.. (: <3
    tae-yang so cute. & so quiet. and dancing damnn! <3333
    top... nice shades.
    g-d talk alot.. (:
    seung ri, adorablee(:

  15. sunglasses at night. hmm…TOP. <33

  16. I love the way Daesung pronounces South Africa. When he says Africa it sounds like Paprika. x]

  17. @cool939 ok, thank you 🙂

  18. b hahaaha BiigBangg IIss Backk !!! haha xD theyy look soo Damn Hot !! ^^ GD <3 ahha xD Top !! everyone !!

  19. @papagajineg its the song that they actually made for the whole shouting korea thing. its called “the shout of the reds”

  20. aw, daesung!!! hahahahahahaha
    loved it when his face fell when no one laughed at his joke

  21. omgoshhhh big bang <3 missed you so much!

  22. YG building is so COOL..
    there is a Gummy, 2NE1 etc…. cameo at the 1st part.. LOL

  23. poor daesung no one hear his opinion..hohoho..love big bang..miss them <3

  24. GD Love~ =D

  25. lol but what was it for?

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