Things to know while trading a number plate

In UK it is allowed to transfer number plates from car to car, by selling or buying the number plate. If you want to buy a number plate then opt for the desired combination of numbers and characters which will make your trade worth.

Buy a number plate

Before moving into the procedure of buying it we should try various combinations because most of the combination you have will be in the possession of others. You can opt for adding additional numbers to the combination or use a phonetic spelling.


Check the cost:
The cost can go to hundreds to thousands of pounds because the seller or dealer will advertise the number plates at different rates.
Never buy anything that won’t work out with the budget you are having. So don’t ever get carried away by looking into some large numbers just wait for a while or else you would regret it later.
Get the other way.
DVLA has a database of millions of number plates which they sell directly to the public. The database has a huge number of number plates which were unissued and also contains the new trendy number plates.

Sell a Number plate:

Whether you have a personalized number plate or not each and every number plate has its value on the road.

Ways to advertise it

The fact is if you advertise your number plates then you will incur some cost. So if you register at a place where your registration is free, then you are in a wrong myth. The fee of the dealer is hidden inside the buying price for the buyer as a commission.
So the dealer would always sell your number plates at a value higher that you have quoted.
And if you are relisting your advertisement then it will again incur you a cost.
So, opt for a website that doesn’t charge for relisting your website and they pay you each and every penny which they take from the buyer. That means they won’t be having any commission.

How much time it takes to sell a number plate?

As, it is quite difficult to sell a number plate hence on an average it takes 12 months to sell a number plate.


If you are not dealing with a dealer and want to sell it or buy it from a website which does it free then it is not needed to complete the required paperwork.
The transferring depends on whether it is on retention or on vehicle.
Retention is a way of buying a vehicle even though you are not having a vehicle.

There are three ways of transferring:
• Transferring it from vehicle to vehicle.
• Transferring it from vehicle to retention.
• Transferring it from retention to vehicle.

How much time it takes for transferring a number plate?

According to DVLA it takes 4 weeks to retain, assign or transfer a number plate. But on an average it takes 10-12 working days.
The forms involved for transferring the number plates are V317, V778 and V750.

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Ssang Yong Actyon – an excellent car and a special appearance on the road

I’m looking for a new car and I stopped to Ssang Yong Actyon. This is a compact SUV with a coupe profile built by the South Korean automobile manufacturer Ssang Yong Motor. Ssang Yong Actyon replaced the Ssang Yong Musso (by the way one of my neighbors has a Musso for the last 12 years and he’s very pleased of it). The name is an amalgam of the words “action” and “young”.

Ssang Yong Actyon

The single 2-liter turbo diesel engine develops 141 hp and can be associated both with manual gearbox and an automatic transmission. Top speed is 163 km / h, fuel consumption is 9.4 l/100 km city, 6.3 l/100 km extra urban and 7.8 l/100km combined. The engine and the gearbox are very reliable. The car looks good on the road and it behaves brilliantly at high speeds on rough terrain. Spare parts are not expensive comparing with Hyundai or Kia. Certainly excels in front of other Korean cars. Continue reading Ssang Yong Actyon – an excellent car and a special appearance on the road

Fresh News On The Best Korean Cars!

In the world, things happen at the speed of sound, so don’t be surprised to hear that many elements have changed since last week. Especially in the car manufacturing business which tries to surprise its buyers with new and interesting stuff. Let’s see together if they actually manage to do this or not.

The biggest and latest fact about our beloved Korean cars revolves around Kia and Hyundai. These two companies are faced with another lawsuit due to their incorrect mpg claims that have misled the buyers. This problem appeared in the U.S. Central District Court in Los Angeles and people declare they have been led to believe that the mileage will be smaller. Surprise! It didn’t happen this way and now the two companies want to compensate the ones that had to suffer. But, since no job is that easy, the declarations states that the compensations offered will not cover the lost value of the vehicles.

“Plaintiffs and the Class have been damaged by Hyundai’s and Kia’s misrepresentations, concealment, and non-disclosure of the incorrect fuel economy numbers, because they were misled into purchasing Hyundais and Kias of a quality different than they were promised, and paying higher fuel costs they would not otherwise have paid.” This is a quote from the suit that hopes to bring in the amount of $775 million. Don’t know if they are going to make it, but the models who are kept under observation are the 2012 Hyundai Accent, 2012/13 Elantra, 2012/13 Veloster and from the Kia lineup Optima Hybrid, Rio, Soul and Sportage.

We don’t know how this is going to end, but we do promise to stick to the news and find out more. However, this lawsuit will probably not affect Kia and Hyundai as much as the “enemies” would want. And as a proof we have the Kia K3 that has revealed its quality looks. Built on a  Cee’d platform, this car will feature a 1.6 l  GDi petrol engine that can deliver up to 140 hp. Among features, buyers will enjoy chrome body mouldings, big alloys, satnav, trip computer and leather seats. Pretty interesting if you ask me. For the US this K3 will be known as Forte while for the rest of the world it will wear the Cerato name.


And last but not least, Hyundai (the Veloster model) comes up with a dual clutch gearbox that plans to improve fuel economy and give sports drivers a better experience.  The intention is to offer a new satisfaction to those with a serious driving background that are looking for something new from a car. With the suit and all, comes a bit ironic, but life goes on and everyone must move with the flow.

Well, pretty much this is the news that will keep the car fans wondering what is going to happen next. Plenty of people are eager to learn about the new updated brought to the models but a mistake like this might cause real disappointment among buyers.

We will try to come back with fresh news and see what will happen next. Until then, have a fabulous weekend!

Updates on the 2012 SEMA Auto Show!

Hello! Again this fascinating week is coming to an end (I know it’s just Thursday but I want to see the glass full). As promised, today we come with the hottest news that rocked the 2012 SEMA Auto Show.

Let’s see what are specialties that will make our day!

Hyundai Elantra GT– as you can read in a previous post, this Hyundai collaborated with Bisimoto for a super boost. Did it turn out to be a good choice? Well, some say that the results are not as impressive as they were expected, but the 1.8-liter engine managed to be upgraded to a 320-lph fuel pump. Next to this, this brave car is controlled by an AEM Series 2 EMS, a JNF roll cage, 18-inch wheels, while on the interior we have new racing seats and harnesses. Pretty interesting!


If Hyundai did not manage to impress me with the Elantra, he did a better job with the Velocity Veloster and the RE:MIX Veloster. The first one is beautifully built as a track beast that includes lovely features.  These are the full roll cage and Sparco racing seats, a Bilstein suspension system, Brembo big brake upgrade, 275 series Kumho tires and 9-inch HRE wheels. Not to mention that the guys at Cosworth that handled this project brought it 400-hp for the 1.6 liter engine. Not bad at all!

As for the second Hyundai, the surprises have also kicked in. The RE:MIX edition impressed the audience with its great body kit that involved projector headlights with LED accents, LED taillights and foglights, and of course, 18-inch Dark Alloy Wheels. Inside things are even prettier featuring a leather steering wheel, a shift knob, push-button ignition and a 450 watt audio system with a fabulous 8-inch subwoofer. Let the music roll! The best news is that we already know the price. For the manual transmission is $19,900, while for the automatic is $21,150.

And last, but definitely not least on the list is the Kia group that fights with the evil to make the world a better place. For the project “We Can Be Heroes” Kia choose five of its best models to bring to life five of the best superheroes.


Therefore, Forte Koup was designed to be like Flash: fast, painted in yellow and orange,  with 20-inch wheels, 2 big subwoofers and the Flash logo on the hood.

Next on the line is Rio or Aquaman Rio that features a green and gold paint job, Aquaman’s metallic belt,  green leather, suede and a comic strip on the rear window. Rio is followed by Soul that receives the role of the Green Lantern that as you probably figured out received a green and black paint job. In addition to this, it also brought in some green mirror-chrome tint on the windows and a lower figure combined with more aggressive look.

And to end the magical circle, Forte five door plays the Cyborg role and adds to its beauty a large hood scoop, a lower body kit and a silver paint job. I almost forgot about the fifth element that was already revealed as a teaser in New York : the Batman force themed by Optima.

That’s it folks. Not a lot of last minute news but definitely interesting and pretty fascinating. These cars deserve to be appreciated by fine experts like you. Enjoy!

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Fresh News Before the 2012 SEMA Auto Show!

Hello guys, another week has passed and we are dying to get a good week-end sleep. At least this is how I feel with these stressful days that I have been having. But, there is no time to lose when it comes to new and interesting news. The 2012 SEMA Auto Show is right around the corner and I told you I will be back with some new and exciting info about the best Korean cars that will make their debut here.

And you know I never lie. So, since last week we had to take care of models like Ark Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec Track Edition, ARK Veloster “Alpine” or Veloster Velocity Concept, this week we will see what Kia Forte Koup, Kia Soul and Hyundai Elantra GT have to say for themselves.

Before I start, all I want to point out is that Kia has absolutely done itself this year. The models presented at the show are beyond fantastic and feature some serious superpowers. But I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here we go!


Kia Forte Koup comes as a follow-up to the “Kia Optima Batman-ed” and its presence has been confirmed at the 2012 SEMA  Auto Show. The first thing that catches the eye is the striking yellow lightning bolt that stands on the hood in a majestic way. Inspired by the Justice League cars, this Kia is in collaboration with DC Comics that created a famous group of cars (“We Can Be Heroes”) to  raise awareness about hunger in the Horn of Africa. This one will be accompanied by other three Kias: Aquaman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern.

Next comes Kia Soul that completes the group of the fighters against poverty and sufferance. A bit taken from a comic book, this Kia has chosen green to be its hypnotizing color. For now, we don’t know much about its features but what we can tell from the pictures is that this Kia brings a custom front bumper, blacked out head lights and surprisingly, or not, Green Lantern logos on the wheels and fog lights. Together with the rest of the gals, they will make quite the impression.


And last but not least is the Hyundai Elantra GT. This was tuned by the great Bisimoto Engineering and enriched up to 600 hp and a complete custom turbo kit. The additions are pretty impressive and many consider this a very good opportunity. Among all, the Bisimoto executive who declared “when the Elantra GT was introduced by Hyundai, we knew it would be a perfect platform for us to showcase our tuning prowess. With our experience in forced induction and small-displacement engines, we focused on raw horsepower with this SEMA concept. We think the final product is a great example of just what can be achieved with turbocharging and engine tuning in the present day.”

And this is true if you come to consider the fact that this Elantra now has a progress suspension with a set of coilovers , amazing sway bar and 18×8.5-inch Buddy Club P1 Racing SF Challenge wheels. And the wonders don’t stop here. Extreme Dimensions also pitched in with some changes for additional hood and aero upgrades.


I bet the visitors of the 2012 SEMA Auto Show will have quite a good time at this show and will see some wonderful concepts. Way to go! I will keep you posted! Have a great weekend!