Kia Carens: Up or Down?


The first time Kia Carens saw the light of the day was 1999, when the Korean brand decided to come up with a new and fresh MPV.  Nowadays, this model is still considered a good car and most of all it has an affordable price.

The main advantages of these car are the comfortable interior, the 2.0 l engine (available in diesel and petrol), a better quality of the  car’s cover & components and low maintenance costs.

It is a family car manufactured for those who are more  interested in space and saving money, rather than cool design and high speed.

Even the guys from TopGear say that: the Kia Carens is a worthy but dull small MPV. Better than before in the latest generation, but still a purchase authorized by the wallet rather than by the heart .” But I think we should at least give Kia the benefit of the doubt.