Kia Sedona Says Goodbye, a New Minivan Says Hello!

We love cars and when one of it leaves the market we feel sad and even nostalgic maybe, but we must remember that every end is a new beginning.

The same way we feel about the exit of Kia Sedona in 2013, which has been confirmed by Kia´s spokesman, James Hope (“We’re not going to get completely out of the segment. It’s a market that we’re still interested in being in.”)

According to some rumors, the next step for Kia is a minivan, projected for 2014 . I believe it is only normal since last year alone, Kia sold  approximately 24,000 Sedonas in the U.S.,(10 percent more than 2010). And things are expected to go way better, because the marketing boss here at Kia Motors America, Michael Sprague has declared for Automotive News that sales are expected to grow more than 25% by 2016. So why get out of the game when you can comfortably stay in it?

And Kia doesn´t plan to go anywhere. We have seen that from the KV7 concept van presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2011.

We willl just have to wait and see what happens!