Santa Fe and Veracruz recalled for fixing

Well, the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 has brought us great news and exceptional models signed by the most famous brands, but we still have to remain in touch with the daily news that might even influence our life.

For example, the fact that Hyundai is recalling over 200,000 cars  only Santa Fe and Veracruz (178,685 Santa Fe and 26,548 Veracruz crossovers) fabricated in 2007 and 2008.

Their main problem was represented by the airbags which were very likely to fail their initial mission:”The driver’s airbag electrical circuit will experience a high resistance condition, potentially causing the driver’s airbag to not deploy.”

Luckily, Hyundai dealers will take care of the problem, without asking for any financial fees. It seems about right, since it was their mistake.

So, if you own a Santa Fe or a Veracruz hurry up and get your car fixed!