Hyundai Aims For The Third Place!

Hyundai is on fire!

After winning that amazing award at the International Festival of Creativity in France, Hyundai is planning for 2013 to become the third best selling retail car brand in America.

Starting with June, Hyundai surpassed Ford and became the fourth best selling brand in America. But when speaking of retail car sales, we must take into account that  “retail car sales” does not include truck sales  nor  fleet sales, which in some cases can reach up to 40 percent of a brand’s total.

Although for now on the third place is Chevrolet with 290,107 units sold, Honda on the second with 350,827 units and Toyota on the first place with 446,459 units, we are not worried, but confident that Hyundai will manage to move quickly  in top 3.

Don’t you think?



Chevy looks to create a Sonic boom

Chevy looks to create a Sonic boom
Out with the old, in with the new as GM looks to become a subcompact player
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2012 Chevrolet Sonic
2012 Chevrolet Sonic

by Owen Ready
NAIAS 2011. Chilly, as usual. Continue reading Chevy looks to create a Sonic boom

The Amazing 2013 Kia Forte

Guess who was recently spotted in South Korea? The newest 2013 Kia Forte was caught “by the paparazzi”, during its daily promenade.

Although covered by the classic Kia camouflage, a keen eye was able to detect the features that make this brand unique. Rounded headlamps (more than usual- Silicone Valley?), an extra window and a C-pillar treatment turn the newest model into a clear expression of art and ingenuity.

The cheapest Forte that is currently on display is the 37 mpg Eco which has been eclipsed by more economic versions of Chevrolet or Hyundai.

But we are looking forward to hearing more news about the Forte that will definitely be praised for its innovative qualities.












Bad Days for Daewoo


There were times when Daewoo was one of the hottest car producers in Korea, its name being recognized by everyone. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, because Chevrolet has already started replacing Daewoo, all over the world.

It is true that Chevrolet has come to such extend that one car is being sold at every 7.4 seconds,  but no one deserves to “die” so young.  General Motors has already began to phase out this company, so from GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. to GM Korea Co was just a small step.

God knows what will happen to Daewoo, but maybe there is still hope for great companies like this.


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Next generation of Hyundai Genesis designed with AWD

Hyundai Genesis confirmed earlier that its next generation will be available with one more option for all-wheel drive. This decision was made after the manufacturer saw that nearly half of BMW sedans are ordered with AWD in the United States.

“We do have a plan to fix that (the current lack of an AWD option for the Genesis sedan) with the next major model change,” said Hyundai’s CEO, John Krafcik.
Additionally, since the new 5.0L V8-powered R-Spec model has just been released, a source within Hyundai said that the offering of two distinct V8s—the standard 4.6L and the top-end 5.0L—is an “unusual practice.”

Hyundai has an initiative to simplify the number of buildable configurations, mostly to keep customers from getting confused, something that we’ve seen with other cars such as Volkswagen and Chevrolet. Continue reading Next generation of Hyundai Genesis designed with AWD