Daewoo Cars: Part II


As we started talking, Daewoo has set new ideas among car producers. Although it was not promoting luxury or high class features, Daewoo was known as the brand that can please a major number of people, being dedicated to the mases.

We’ve already covered a little bit of its history, but now is time to return to the 21st century and see which are the models that take our breath away, in the Korean style.

Damas II, Gentra, Lacetti, Magnus, Tacuma, Tosca, Winstorm or Statesman are just some of the examples that are present on the market.

Even if they didn’t manage to manufacture more than 1 or 2 models for each car, Daewoo has started learning more and more about the necessities and requirements of the current industry.

We can only wish them good luck and keep on the good work!













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Daewoo’s Legacy


In life there are luxury items and regular ones, so the people who want them can satisfy their most ardent desires. When talking about the car market, things are no different. There are those luxurious machineries like Maserati, Porsche or Mercedes and the “less fortunate” ones like Daewoo.

Maybe is not the best example, since Daewoo’s activity has gone down the drain, but they’ve always wanted to prove that their company is for everyone, and not only rich people.

However, Daewoo has left behind brilliant models like Nubira, Lacetti,Scope, Leganza, Matiz or Cielo. And their continuous presence on the European market proves that they were made to last.

Today, Daewoo is owned by TATA and they’ve already started new projects that can bring to the world innovative concepts and modern features.

We can only wish them good luck!

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Bad Days for Daewoo


There were times when Daewoo was one of the hottest car producers in Korea, its name being recognized by everyone. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, because Chevrolet has already started replacing Daewoo, all over the world.

It is true that Chevrolet has come to such extend that one car is being sold at every 7.4 seconds,  but no one deserves to “die” so young.  General Motors has already began to phase out this company, so from GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. to GM Korea Co was just a small step.

God knows what will happen to Daewoo, but maybe there is still hope for great companies like this.

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Korean vs. Japanese car market


When talking about the car market, and especially powerful technological industries, it is really hard to decide which country is in total control.  Although Japan was number 1 for many years, Korea has proven to be an actual competition for its strong neighbor.

More and more people have started buying Korean cars because they are very efficient and have a decent price. Brands like Hyundai, Daewoo, SsangYong or Kia are very popular and appreciated for their spacious interior or safety features.

One the other hand, cars like Nissan, Toyota, Honda or Mitsubishi  are also very attractive and wonderfully designed. And drivers love them, even if their price is a little “spicy”.

So taking a decision is practically impossible. What do you think?


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Daewoo Nubira is Back!


One of the best Korean brands, Daewoo, has returned with a spectacular creation. Like a Phoenix bird, rising from its own ashes, Daewoo Nubira 2011 is back to surprise and impress everyone.

You can choose from a 1.6 or a 1.8 l engine that will drive you home safe and reduce your fuel consumption (7l/100km). Having a sleek design, perfect both for a handsome bachelor and for a big family, this Nubira is fully equipped with multiple safety features (four-channel ABS, electronic traction control) that will protect its passengers every step of the way.

All in all, this Nubira is perfect for those who want to receive quality at a decent price!




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