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Design is the key to Kia’s resurrection

Design is the key to Kia’s resurrection
The South Korean auto maker wants to own the cheap chic corner of the market
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Kia Forte
Kia Forte

Tata Motors net rises 3 1/2 times
Tata Motors reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 2,424 crore for the quarter ended December 31, 2010, beating market forecasts. Continue reading Design is the key to Kia’s resurrection

Optimally designed and engineered

Optimally designed and engineered
Kia’s midsize executive sedan is making waves thanks to a combination of dynamic design, solid engineering and much improved build quality Friday, February 11th, 2011 11:29:00 The midsize executive sedan market is a peculiar one, with most buyers settling down with whatever is safe. It is where brand is king and specifications and price are closely matched like twins. King of the hill is the …
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Kia Optima
Kia Optima

Honoring & Remembering
Seaman 1st Class Clayton Hanson was born Feb. 14, 1931 to Irving and Rosie Hanson. He was born in the Roy Groves home in Meckling. Continue reading Optimally designed and engineered

Top 3 Korean SUVs


Korean cars have already proven their power among the international market so there is no point in denying that the producers of these cars are doing an excellent job. However, if you are to pick, what Korean SUV, would you choose?

1. Hyundai Santa Fe 2011-  Powerful, comfortable and handling, Santa Fe definitely deserves a spot in this top.

2. Kia Sportage 2011-  With a total of 7 styles from which buyers can choose, this SUV includes a 4-cylinder engine.

3.  Ssangyong SUV 1- Although is still a concept, this car promises to be among the best models of SsongYong.

Which one would you choose?



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A Wonderful Dream: Kia RWD 4-door Coupe

Check out the newest Korean treasure: Kia RWD 4-door Coupe (it is still a concept so don’t get too attached to it). This gorgeous piece of machinery is supposed to be the center of attention at the  Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

With a very sport sedan allure, this “muscular” car will definitely create an impact wherever it goes. Shiny and luxurious, this Kia breaks every possible rule with door handles that meet at the B-pillar and video cameras that replace the “regular” mirrors.

We are looking forward to seeing more about this concept in September. Fingers crossed for a worldwide success (as if they need it!).


Source:  www.thecarblogger.net

Yes It’s True: SsangYong Korando is the Best!


Apparently, SsangYong has discovered its taste for strong cars. Displayed at the 2010 Busan International Motor Show, SsangYong Korando , has preserved many of the features that made it famous (spacious interior, gorgeous design, powerful engine etc.)

However, the new appearance of this model has become a little more aggressive and determined to break all rules.  Available in 2 “types” (both normal and electric) Korando is the living proof that SsangYong is doing very well among Mahindra & Mahindra’s crew.

This SUV knows its business and expresses exactly what its name says: “Korea Can Do”. Amazing enough,  they really can do everything!

Source: www.caradvice.com.au