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How to survive if your car breaks down in a storm

You would prefer not to get caught amidst a flawless storm. This regular catastrophe might be extremely deplorable yet all the more so in the event that you experience it totally unassuming. For you to determine, successfully, your chances of getting through the storm when your car breaks down, then you need to pay attention […]

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Kia Ray EV new in Korea!

  Special event, only for Korea:  Kia Ray EV was unveiled! This is the newest production of Kia, in an electric version. With a driving range of 86 miles and an electric motor of 50 kW that can generate a maximum power of 68 ps & max torque of 167 Nm , this car shares […]

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Kia TAM Ready to Save the World

Although Kia is one of the Korean brands that is considered pretty new on the electric market, its goal is to overcome any possible obstacles and become the best. So far, so good. They’ve already started their mission with the full-electric Kia TAM. This mini-car is expected to create an impact even by the end […]

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Electric cars put to the test

Electric cars put to the test Electric vehicles are being touted as the cars of the future. Chris Olsen shows you what might stall your plans to buy one. Read more on CTV British Columbia Japanese cars get top marks WASHINGTON — Consumer Reports has named Japanese automakers Honda, Subaru and Toyota as the best […]