Hyundai Aims For The Third Place!

Hyundai is on fire!

After winning that amazing award at the International Festival of Creativity in France, Hyundai is planning for 2013 to become the third best selling retail car brand in America.

Starting with June, Hyundai surpassed Ford and became the fourth best selling brand in America. But when speaking of retail car sales, we must take into account that  “retail car sales” does not include truck sales  nor  fleet sales, which in some cases can reach up to 40 percent of a brand’s total.

Although for now on the third place is Chevrolet with 290,107 units sold, Honda on the second with 350,827 units and Toyota on the first place with 446,459 units, we are not worried, but confident that Hyundai will manage to move quickly  in top 3.

Don’t you think?



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Spy Shots of Kia K3

It is all about spy shots nowadays. We live for them and we are more than excited when they show up and we get to examine them.

Today’s star is Kia K3 which has been caught roaming around on Chinese roads.  A combination between Kia K2 (Kia Rio in the USA) and Kia K5 (known as Kia Optima), this K3 is the perfect opponent to cars like Ford, Toyota and VW.

But the elements that differentiate Kia from all its predecessors are unique signature grille, reshaped bumpers and differently styled tail-lamps.

For now, we do not have much information about the power of this car, but we assume that the new Kia will maintain its 2 four-cylinder engines (1.6 or 1.8) coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more details!


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KIA the most improved brand in ALG opinion

ALG, called KIA brand the most improved in the mainstream category of all automakers that sell cars and trucks in the USA. ALG is a company known for predicting residual values on vehicles in the automativ lease guides. The company also conducts “Perceived Quality” studies.

Eric Lyman, the ALG’s Director of Residual Value Solutions said in a statement:

“For Kia, the consumer quality recognition is the payoff for a recent revolution in product quality and design supported by aggressive marketing campaigns.”

Ranger Rover Sport and new Evokue models are other brands with good results in perceived quality studies.
In terms of the top five automakers in the mainstream category, there were few surprises: Honda, Toyota, Ford Trucks, Subaru and Nissan were ranked in that order as delivering the best in perceived vehicle quality. In the luxury category Lexus ranked first, followed by , BMW, Porsche and Acura.