in Hyundai Cars - 13 Mar, 2015
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You never thought you’d hear it. Hyundai is entering the luxury car market. In times gone by the Hyundai would be the butt of many jokes. Favourites being: ‘Why does a Hyundai have a heated rear window? To keep your hands warm when you push it.’ Another: ‘What information is printed on pages four and […]

in Hyundai Cars - 10 Dec, 2013
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Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept has a great design, inspiring perfection by its aluminum grille, low roofline and long hood. At the rear we observe amazing taillights, heat extractors and wide exhaust outlets. The wheels attract by the carbon-fiber trim and the exterior was styled in California, at the Hyundai’s US Design Center. I think that […]

in Hyundai Cars - 09 Nov, 2012
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In the world, things happen at the speed of sound, so don’t be surprised to hear that many elements have changed since last week. Especially in the car manufacturing business which tries to surprise its buyers with new and interesting stuff. Let’s see together if they actually manage to do this or not. The biggest […]

in Hyundai Cars - 19 Oct, 2012
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We haven’t even erased the Paris grin of our faces that we are already in for another treat: the 2012 SEMA Show! For those of you who are not very familiarized with the insights of this show, here you have some general notions about this lovely event. This year’s SEMA will take place on October […]

in Korean Cars - 10 Oct, 2012
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The hot news travel quick, so here are some of the most exciting novelties about the hottest Korean cars. 1. Hyundai gets a new partner to help reinvent its racing attitude. Recently a deal has been closed between Hyundai and the famous engineering design and  manufacturer Cosworth. Their forces will unite to recreate the amazing […]