in Korean Cars - 27 Jun, 2011
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A tiger is not only a wild animal, it’s a powerful symbol of Korea. That’s why Kim Han Chai called his supercar a “tiger”. Spirra can touch in only 3.8 seconds a 100 km with 500 horsepower. Spirra is fast a a tiger, but very fancy and sporty. Why Kim is proud of Tiger Spirra? […]

in Kia Cars - 29 Mar, 2011
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LPGA players from Japan raise awareness at Kia Ai Miyazato during the HSBC Women’s Champions. CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – Ai Miyazato spent four days fearing the absolute worst after the earthquake and tsunami devastated northern Japan. Read more on GolfWeek Japanese golfers set up fund website Leading Japanese golfers Ai Miyazoto, Mika Miyazoto and […]

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Japan fuel demand to surge amid nuclear crisis (AP:SINGAPORE) Japan’s nuclear crisis could reverberate through global energy markets for years to come, pushing up prices as suppliers look to take advantage of a surge in demand for non-nuclear fuels from the world’s third-largest economy. Read more on INO News Crisis at Fukushima: As it happened […]

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Japan Disaster: Problems For Car Sales JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The devastation in Japan could mean devastation to people looking to buy a car in a few months. Japanese automakers are suffering the effects of the natural disaster and they are exporting less because of it. Read more on WJXT Jacksonville 2016 Automotive CAFE Requirements Mean […]

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Japan quake: live report 0710 GMT: Our Japan bureau reports that parts of the country are facing the threat of major power blackouts unless electricity use is reduced. Read more on Brisbane Times Japan’s automakers: Down but not out The scene might have been lifted from from one of those digital effect-laden Hollywood catastrophe movies […]