Kia at 2013 Bucharest Auto Show

Kia presented at 2013 Bucharest Auto Show Kia cee’d DSL 1.6 6MT CITY, cee’d sportywagon GSL 1.4 6MT BEST GT cee’d 1.6 GDI, GDI procee’d 1.6 GT 6MT GSL 1.4 COMFORT Rio Rio 1.2 GSL CLASSIC 4DR 6MT, Sorento 2.2 DSL EXECUTIVE 6MT, Optima 1.7 DSL ​​EXECUTIVE 6MT, Sportage 2.0 DSL STYLE.































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Kia Comes Strong With Great News!

What have our beloved Korean cars been up to this week? I am very excited to see what is up with Kia, since this is going to be the star of the day. Always ready to surprise its fans with plenty of great news and interesting concepts and let us not forget about the stunt pulled by Kia and Hyundai in the whole lawsuit business. It has to make up for that by one mean or another, right? Anyway, Kia has prepared three wonderful news that will make our weekend.   1. You know that last week we have talked about the K3 model that is supposed to go on business and we were all pulling for it to have a long and happy life. Apparently, its magic has already began since on November 10th, Kia Motors has announced that the cumulative pre-order sales have already reached 20,034 units. A fabulous number if you take into consideration that the statistics for this year were targeted at 19,000 units. Kia Motors also declared that those who are interested in ordering a car here, have to wait a month to receive the K3 after signing the contract because of some problems in orders. All we can say is “way to go Kia K3″! May all your future models have the same success.

2. Second on the list is the Ray of hope that we came across some time ago. Kia developed a new model for the Korean Domestic Market with a new version for the 2013 lineup. Its name is Kia Ray GTO and has a small 1-liter, turbocharged Kappa engine  that produces 106 hp and 14 kgm of torque. This little guy is combined with  a CVT transmission and there are even some models that go equipped with ISG idling system, leaving the Ray with a fuel consumption of only 5.37 l/100 km. Besides being so economical in traffic, it also has LED front position lamps, rear LED combination lamps and a 60/40 folding rear bench. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?


3. And last but not least, Kia is bragging with their Head of Design,  Peter Schreyer who left Audi and Volkswagen in order to seal the deal with the Korean auto manufacturer. Apparently now Ferdinand Piëch, Volkswagen’s  Head of the Supervisory Board and Chairman has simply stated that “We should not have let him go.” This coming from a German, it is pretty tough and kind of suggest a defeat. But I am sure they will find someone else. Not as good as  Schreyer, but close. Who knows what many talents will be born afterwards!    This is pretty much all the news that we have managed to gather this week about Kia and its amazing new models. We do hope that for the future, Kia and the other Korean car manufacturers will be able to expand their work and come up with more and more updates. Due to the recession and other financial problems I expected things to be a little rougher but tradition remains important for brands that have managed to create a name. We wish everyone a successful last month and hopefully until the end of the year we will be able to have access to other models too. Have a nice weekend!

Fresh News On The Best Korean Cars!

In the world, things happen at the speed of sound, so don’t be surprised to hear that many elements have changed since last week. Especially in the car manufacturing business which tries to surprise its buyers with new and interesting stuff. Let’s see together if they actually manage to do this or not.

The biggest and latest fact about our beloved Korean cars revolves around Kia and Hyundai. These two companies are faced with another lawsuit due to their incorrect mpg claims that have misled the buyers. This problem appeared in the U.S. Central District Court in Los Angeles and people declare they have been led to believe that the mileage will be smaller. Surprise! It didn’t happen this way and now the two companies want to compensate the ones that had to suffer. But, since no job is that easy, the declarations states that the compensations offered will not cover the lost value of the vehicles.

“Plaintiffs and the Class have been damaged by Hyundai’s and Kia’s misrepresentations, concealment, and non-disclosure of the incorrect fuel economy numbers, because they were misled into purchasing Hyundais and Kias of a quality different than they were promised, and paying higher fuel costs they would not otherwise have paid.” This is a quote from the suit that hopes to bring in the amount of $775 million. Don’t know if they are going to make it, but the models who are kept under observation are the 2012 Hyundai Accent, 2012/13 Elantra, 2012/13 Veloster and from the Kia lineup Optima Hybrid, Rio, Soul and Sportage.

We don’t know how this is going to end, but we do promise to stick to the news and find out more. However, this lawsuit will probably not affect Kia and Hyundai as much as the “enemies” would want. And as a proof we have the Kia K3 that has revealed its quality looks. Built on a  Cee’d platform, this car will feature a 1.6 l  GDi petrol engine that can deliver up to 140 hp. Among features, buyers will enjoy chrome body mouldings, big alloys, satnav, trip computer and leather seats. Pretty interesting if you ask me. For the US this K3 will be known as Forte while for the rest of the world it will wear the Cerato name.


And last but not least, Hyundai (the Veloster model) comes up with a dual clutch gearbox that plans to improve fuel economy and give sports drivers a better experience.  The intention is to offer a new satisfaction to those with a serious driving background that are looking for something new from a car. With the suit and all, comes a bit ironic, but life goes on and everyone must move with the flow.

Well, pretty much this is the news that will keep the car fans wondering what is going to happen next. Plenty of people are eager to learn about the new updated brought to the models but a mistake like this might cause real disappointment among buyers.

We will try to come back with fresh news and see what will happen next. Until then, have a fabulous weekend!

Say Hello To The 2012 Paris Motor Show!

Hellooooo people! Are you enjoying this beautiful fall already, or are you too busy to think about the tiring week that is about to pass? I hope it is not the second one because boy, you are going to be sorry later. Life is too beautiful to spend it complaining or feeling sorry.

Therefore, I am here to help you see that. Well, more the Paris Motor Show, than me. You are going to love it so much!

First of all, for those of you who are not necessarily familiarized with this show let me give you a couple of information that will get you into the spirit.

The Paris Motor Show, or how it is known in France, Mondial de l’Automobile, is a biennial show, held in October and which is considered to be the first important motor show in the history. It was organized first in 1898, by Albert de Dion and has gathered around millions of people and investors. Thus, nowadays the Paris Motor Show is one of the most popular shows that unite new productions and concept car debuts under the same roof .

The 2012 edition will start Saturday, 29th of September and end Sunday, 14th of October. If you are around, then you should know that in order to get to Place de la Porte de Versailles, where the show will be hosted, you have several options. By metro and tram (Porte de Versailles Station- no 12, 8, Balard Station-no 3,2), bus and bike (no 39, 80 and no 15049-2 Rue Ernest Renan) or by car (A1, A3, A14, A10).

As for the prices that will assure you the access at the show, they are 13 € for adults, 7 € for teenagers or students and 11 € for groups of minimum 15.

Ok, now that we have cleared all this stuff, it is time to go big. Who will be there?

Starting from a general point of view, the visitors will have the possibility to check out amazing cars like BMW 3 Series Touring, Chevrolet Trax , Citroën DS3 convertible, Ferrari Enzo Successor, Fiat 500X, Jaguar F-Type, Lexus LS Facelift , Mazda6, Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake, Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid, Opel Adam , Peugeot 301 , Porsche 911 (991) Carrera 4/4S , Range Rover (L405), Škoda Octavia III or Volkswagen Golf VII.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgot about you Korean cars lovers. Among the ones which will proudly come in front of the jury will be Kia Carens , Kia pro_cee’d, Hyundai i20 WRC and Hyundai i30 three- doors.

While the former model is sleek, family-friendly, with an aerodynamic and more athletic design, the second model is a three- door format that comes with both gasoline and diesel engines, 1.2/ 1.6 and a hell of a package.   As for the i20 WRC Hyundai all we can say is: wow. A tuned, upgraded car that will stand as a model for Volkswagen Polo-R and will come with a turbocharged petrol engine of 200bhp. And last but not least, Hyundai i30 smashes the competition with its fabulous sporty look added to the already known“fluidic sculpture.” 

 All these will go on sale starting with the spring of 2013 in different areas of the world. Yey!

But there is more to come, so stay tuned for the best motor show of the year!

Are Hyundai and Kia Striking?

Baaaaad time in Korea!

Automotive News has declared that the situation at the automaker Hyundai is facing some agitated times, since the workers have decided to go on a strike.

Their demands involve better pay (an increase of  $132), bonuses (30% of the company’s profits) and reduced work hours (8 hour shifts). The leader, Moon Yong says that they will take action if their wishes will not be granted.

This issue is pretty big, since Hyundai survived strikes like this during 1987 and 2008, costing it almost one million units worth $10 billion.


And Kia is not far from that either. Their plan was to stop work for 8 hours today, 12th of July.

Stay tuned for recent updates on how this thing worked!