Kia K9
in Kia Cars - 21 Jul, 2012
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Kia enjoys its summer with a new and vibrant luxury vehicle! Actually it is not that new, since it is already known in South Korea as Kia K9, but outside this it will have the name Quoris. A combination between quality and core, this title defines Kia as best as possible. This will go on […]

in Kia Cars - 25 May, 2012
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Nothing is better than seeing a reinvented car fight its way back on the market. This is the case of Kia Ronda which has stopped its sales starting with the end of 2010, but now, is ready to surprise the audience with a whole new look. Signed by Peter Schreyer, this Ronda has already been […]

in Kia Cars - 24 May, 2012
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Great news for the guys in the United States: Kia K9 is one step closer to being a part of your life. This is the newest piece of information that we know about this beautiful sedan and I am so excited. According to a snapshot took by a wonderful and thoughtful fan,  we can notice […]

in Kia Cars - 09 Apr, 2012
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Hey guys, it is Monday again, so we should be more than prepared to start this week strong and wonderful. Today’s star is Kia K9 which appears naked of all its secrets from the hands of Peter Schreyer . Although many consider this luxury sedan very similar to the BMW models, we have the video […]

in Kia Cars - 26 Mar, 2012
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Let’s play a game. What is a luxury sedan, features high-tech head-up display( HUD system) and…..has 4 wheels. You guessed: Kia K9. I bet the last part just made everything clearer to you. But it is true. Kia K9 will be the awesome “owner” of a full-color head up display system which will project all […]