Optimally designed and engineered

Optimally designed and engineered
Kia’s midsize executive sedan is making waves thanks to a combination of dynamic design, solid engineering and much improved build quality Friday, February 11th, 2011 11:29:00 The midsize executive sedan market is a peculiar one, with most buyers settling down with whatever is safe. It is where brand is king and specifications and price are closely matched like twins. King of the hill is the …
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Kia Optima
Kia Optima

Honoring & Remembering
Seaman 1st Class Clayton Hanson was born Feb. 14, 1931 to Irving and Rosie Hanson. He was born in the Roy Groves home in Meckling. Continue reading Optimally designed and engineered

Kia Optima and Michael Galati Go Good Together!

Kia is a winner again!

With the help of Michael Galati, Kia Optima managed to win first place in the SCCA Pirelli World Challenge GTS competition. Not bad for the South Korean automaker which has seldom participated at similar races.

Although the start was not very impressive, falling behind Jack Baldwin’s Porsche Cayman S and Aaron Povoledo’s Ford Mustang Boss 302S, very soon after, Kia managed to gain control and preserve it until the end.

According to Galati, the car and the track combined harmoniously: “This is my favorite track in the world.I’ve won a lot of races here. I feel at home here. People say Ohio is my home track. This is my home track. I love this track because it’s so fast.”

Way to go, Kia!

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Lastest Kia Cars News

2011 Kia Optima Awarded Best of 2011 by Cars.com
Cars.com reviews KIA 2011 Optima and awards a “Best of 2011″ achievement
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2011 Kia Optima
2011 Kia Optima

The Kia Super Bowl One Epic Contest gives away five Optima Cars
As reported Kia will return to the Super Bowl XLV with a 60 second commercial dubbed “One Epic Ride.” In the new Kia Super Bowl ad people across space and time – from a police officer and an… Continue reading Lastest Kia Cars News

Kia Sales Go Over The Top!

March was not only a good month for fiestas and stuff, but it was also a good month for sales. Probably there are some connections between the International Women’s Day and the high sales in cars, but we prefer not to comment it.

But it it true. The sales for Kia have surpassed 57,505 units during March 2012.  Kia’s top jeweleries are Optima sedan with 15,008, followed by Kia Soul (13,067) and Sorento with 10,303 units.

The other models must not be forgotten either since they brought Kia a total number of 8,381 (Kia Forte), 3,643 (Kia Sportage) and 2,054 (Sedona minivan).

So, from all of this, we know that Kia has achieved several goals: is developing faster than any other carmaker in the US, has 3 models which surpassed the 10,000 units sales mark and managed to sell over 50,000 cars in only ONE month.

What’s it tell us?

Kia is THE ONE!

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500000 Vehicles Produced by Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia

Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia

Kia Motors Producing Georgia, Inc. (KMMG) famous creation of the 500,000th car at the actual West Point, Ga. vehicle manufacturing center.

KMMG set out mass production of the Kia Sorento CUV on Nov. sixteen, 2009, a vehicle which suddenly became the manufacturer best-selling product in the U.S. Then, about Sept. 2, 2011, KMMG began creation associated with the Kia Optima mid-size sedan, a vehicle which led the manufacturer U.S. sales in December 2011 as well as January.

Because opening, KMMG has added couple additional shifts of manufacturing with over 3,000 team subscribers employed by the particular plant in order to date. Within 2011, KMMG completed a $100 million growth which pressed the particular plants utter ability with 360,000 units per season. Continue reading 500000 Vehicles Produced by Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia