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Remodeled Kia Picanto!

What is small, good-looking and running like the wind? It is of course, the new modified Kia Picanto , also known in South Korea as Morning. On the Korean site Bobaedream, we have found some pictures that prove how awesome this Kia looks like and, at the same time we managed to understand a few […]

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Kia, Fiat and Ford in a fierce competition!

What do Kia Picanto, Fiat 500 and Ford Ka all have in common? Besides being small, three doors cars, they also participated at the competition evaluated by the British magazine Auto Express, in which these three lovely cars have measured their “powers”. And the car that won the race is Kia Picanto which offers its […]

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Kia receives another award!

The 3 door version of Kia Picanto has already started winning prizes, just a couple of months after being released. This little car managed to win Kia’s fourth iF product design award given for features like workmanship, innovation and eco-friendliness. As Kia’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer says this is a true testimony that quality […]