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Spy Shots with the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

  Spy shots, spy shots everyone! The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe┬áhas hit the public interest with some blurry, but precious pictures. Prepared to make its debut at the New York Auto Show in April,this Hyundai will surprise us with all kinds of changes. Apart from the obvious influences from Hyundai i40 and i30 hatchback, Santa […]

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Fresh news about 2013 Kia Ray

  Unexpected surprise from Kia Ray (also knows as TAM)! Apparently aware of the information leaks, the guys from Kia decided to reveal the official photos of Ray weeks ahead the already established date. From what we were able to see, the 2013 Kia Ray inspired itself from Daihatsu Tanto in what concerns the rear […]