in Korean Cars - 28 Jun, 2012
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Renault targets developing markets for sales growth French carmaker Renault has said it aims to almost double operating profit margins to 5% in two years by focusing on sales in Brazil, Russia and India. Strong growth there should help it to sell a total of three million cars a year by 2013. The company will […]

in Kia Cars - 04 Jun, 2012
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Another month has gone by and we are ready to wrap up the final elements that have marked the previous month. For Kia Motors America, May was a very good period, raising the sales with 7.4% (51,771 units) as compared to the same month, last year. The best girls in Kia were Optima (13,364), Sorento […]

in Kia Cars - 12 Apr, 2012
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March was not only a good month for fiestas and stuff, but it was also a good month for sales. Probably there are some connections between the International Women’s Day and the high sales in cars, but we prefer not to comment it. But it it true. The sales for Kia have surpassed 57,505 units […]

in Korean Cars - 04 Jul, 2011
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Kia MotorsAmerica (KMA) celebrated in June the best quarterly sales perfomances in the brand’s history: 140,330 units. The all-time record means an unprecedented sales growth for KMA with 45,044 vehicles sold. The final results mark a six-consecutive quarterly sales record for KIA  in the United States were the brand is tremendously popular. Only Kia Soul […]

in Kia Cars - 15 May, 2011
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Toyota in sales skid amid supply, recall woes Toyota should have owned the road this summer. When gas prices go up, American drivers go for smaller, fuel-efficient cars. The last time prices at the pump spiked in 2008, Toyota captured the title of world’s No. 1 automaker — and has held it ever since. Read […]