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in Hyundai Cars - 21 Jul, 2012
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Hyundai is not letting us down either! Recently, Hyundai North America CEO John Krafcik declared for Automobile magazine that they will preserve the “fluidic sculpture” that made them famous, but at the same time they will keep it going with the modern needs.   In addition to this, he also revealed some future plans, like […]

in Hyundai Cars - 26 Jan, 2012
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  Spy shots, spy shots everyone! The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe has hit the public interest with some blurry, but precious pictures. Prepared to make its debut at the New York Auto Show in April,this Hyundai will surprise us with all kinds of changes. Apart from the obvious influences from Hyundai i40 and i30 hatchback, Santa […]

in Hyundai Cars - 15 Dec, 2011
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Before buying a car, there are some things that should be taken into consideration. Safety degree is one of them. Who will buy a car that fails to assure maximum protection? When talking about the Korean brand, Hyundai, the models which have a leading position are Elantra, Sonata, Genesis, Equus, Tucson and Santa Fe. Recently, […]

in Hyundai Cars - 19 Sep, 2011
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Well, the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 has brought us great news and exceptional models signed by the most famous brands, but we still have to remain in touch with the daily news that might even influence our life. For example, the fact that Hyundai is recalling over 200,000 cars  only Santa Fe and Veracruz (178,685 […]

in Kia Cars - 02 Sep, 2011
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  Good news: Kia Optima is extending. The guys from the Kia company have considered that it is time to encourage the production of these beautiful cars, even in the West Point (Georgia). It is considered a pretty interesting deal since until now, all the Optimas delivered to the United States were built in South […]