Updated SsangYong at the Geneva Motor Show

Apologies in advance for forgetting to mention, the progress of this year, coming from SsangYong.

The SUV SsangYong Korando is keeping the headlines busy with its upgrading.The exterior design includes new chromed mesh grille for the front of the car and ‘contemporary looking hybrid wiper blades’.

Sounds interesting enough, right?

When talking about power, we can say that SsangYong is preserving the eco friendly path and combines the 2.0-liter petrol engine which produces CO2 emissions of 175g/km (2WD, manual) and 192g/km (AWD, manual) with the 2.0-liter 149 PS eco diesel engine which brings CO2 emissions down to 147g/km (2WD, manual) and 157g/km (AWD, manual).

Well, not much, but enough to let us know that SsangYong is still alive and plans to keep fighting its way through the tough world of smart vehicles.

Source: www.autoevolution.com

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Good news from SsangYong!

“Long time no see” for the SsangYong company. Although it has kept a low profile, this brand comes with great news for the month of December. Mahindra& Mahindra’s big dream of finally relaunching SsangYong in the UK was finally accomplished.

In the current lineup you will find 3 beautiful models which will be briefly presented in the following lines.

1.SsangYong Rexton -7 seater 4×4.  With a powerful engine that produces 163bhp, and 340Nm of torque at 1,800rpm, this car has a distributing pulling power that assures a full traction. Perfect for any type of road!

2. SsangYong Rodius – 7 Seater MPV. This has an on demand four wheel drive system and starts its price from £14,995.

3. SsangYong Korando – Crossover – Last, but not least this Korando is the proud owner of a Five Year Unlimited Mileage warranty which covers a great part of the mechanical components. Its price starts at £16,995.

As you can see, there is a qualitative variety waiting for you, so choose wisely!

Source: www.carpages.co.uk

SsangYong SUT at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show has surprised us all, and is still rolling. As we said in a previous article, SsangYong and Kia are until now the only Korean cars that have taken over the German show.

And SsangYong has decided to come up with a car that is not only gorgeous but also very useful, called SUT-1 pickup. Yep, is a Sports Utility Truck which you will enjoy driving due to its interior options (heated seats, audio system with Bluetooth connectivity and MP3 playback).

It also has a 2.0-liter diesel four-cylinder engine that generates 153 horsepower and is available in both six-speed manual and automatic transmission.

Perfect and accessible for everyone. Way to go SsangYong!

Source: www.autoblog.com

SsangYong XIV-1: A Revolutionary Concept


“Sneak peeks” from the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 continue to amaze our senses. As we already mentioned in a previous article, SsangYong came up this year with a  bunch of new ideas that transformed the concept of SsangYong XIV-1 into a classy, futuristic car.

Although at first glance you will be struck by the obvious resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque, the guys from SsungYong recover with the simply FABULOUS doors that open up like a spaceship.

It is like riding in a limo, but without the length and troubled turns. You will also be welcomed with  leather-lined clamshells for all the seats and a stunning “advanced user interface”.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait further information, but until then, enjoy these beautiful pictures.

Source: www.autoblog.com

What SUV Do You Like Best?


What do you go by when you buy a new car? Is it the exterior design, the interior luxury or the best features in town? After a huuuge number of tests, there has been reached a common agreement that the best SUVs that match anyone’s desires are Kia Sorento, Honda CR-V and SsangYong Kyron.

Highly improved and ready to do some serious damage, for their class and family, these 3 SUVs are pretty cool and decently equipped. Their pricing is also appropriate so that someone who wants to face the town demons can easily be convinced to buy one of these cars.

At first glance, SsangYong looks the best and has acceptable features, but Sorento and CR-V can also be seen as good investments.

Oh, it is such a tough decision!

Source: www.promotor.ro