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Leading the Customer to the Dealer through Car Configurators

Years before the nineties, people had to visit car dealerships to get ideas on what the best car features would be for the car that they are planning to buy. Of course, the car dealers will give you the usual pitch of buying-today-makes-it-cheaper stuff. This was how they did it during the dark ages of automobile marketing. You came and left without a cup of coffee. But they won’t forget to give you their business card and brochures.

At present, researching on the car type and features that you want no longer needs a visit to the car dealership. It can all be done online through virtual shopping, personalizing you car through car configurators set up by every car manufacturer known. So, when a customer visits a car dealership today, it often indicates a sure sale.

Car configurators are very useful and it helps market the brand to potential customers. With the car configurator being used by customers in the websites, the digital campaign and social media asset of popular car brands are getting a big push upwards. Even your friends can check out the model that you have built with a popular brand through a car site’s configurator, and they can access the site by clicking a Facebook button on the summary page.

It is amazing how through this tool popular brands get an average of more than 3 million hits or more in a month’s time. And it is seen to have the same results for popular car brands with car configurators in the website. Almost a fourth of website visitors use the car configuration process.

If you are interested in getting a quote for the car configuration that you have come up with, you simply need to forward it to a car dealership who will give the quote for you. This is the big sales secret. It has been statistically shown that a fourth of those who forward their configuration and get quotes, do actually end up buying a car.

Fusing different components and leveraging data is what a known car brand uses its car configurator for. Car buying, for them, is something personal. From being rational, most car buyers become emotional in the process. So the car configuration was built to assist them using sight, sound, and motion so that it will become one great customer experience.

The sales of cars and SUVs have reached thousands through the help of the car configurator tool.

All car configurators, whatever manufacturer or brand it carries, has the same goal and that is to lead the dreamer to the dealer. Having said that, it is still best to visit a car dealership to check out the features, more of a physical configurator.

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