5 Logical Reasons You Should Opt For A Small Engine This Year

There are many factors people consider when swapping their car. However, engine size has become the prime consideration for many people. That is because there are lots of benefits to selecting something smaller this time around. Today, we’re going to spend some time discussing all the advantages in the hope of clarifying the situation. As you will discover, the financial side of things isn’t always the most important element. We all want to keep as much cash in the bank as possible, but saving the planet is a bonus.


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  • Fuel Economy

Cars with smaller engines don’t use as much fuel to get from A to B. That means people who choose a reduced size will get more for their money. It also means they won’t have to worry too much about their impact on the environment. That is especially the case if they perform short commutes on a regular basis. All that stopping and starting uses a lot of petrol, and so large engines are unsuitable. Representatives from the Pentagon-Group know that all too well. They always encourage customers to think twice when selecting their new cars. Buyers who use any reputable dealers should receive the same advice, regardless of their budget.

  • Lower Emissions

Smaller engines offer a reduction in greenhouse gases, and that’s important to many people. Using less fuel means they pump fewer dangerous chemicals into the environment. Some people choose electric vehicles for that reason, but they’re a long way from being perfect. Indeed, the lack of range can cause issues for some motorists who want to visit out of the way places. That is why it’s still sensible to select a small engine over hybrid or electric models at the current time. Will that change in the future? Almost certainly. It’s just that we’ve got a few years to go before the technology will meet requirements.


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  • Cheaper Parts

There will come a time when all drivers need to perform maintenance work. Mirror journalists released an article on that subject that’s worth a read. In most circumstances, they will take the car to a local garage and ask a mechanic for help. The specialist might have to replace some engine parts to ensure the vehicle passes its next MOT. Thankfully, models with smaller engines don’t cost a much to fix. Parts are readily available, and they’re much less costly that you might think. That is because large engines are sophisticated, and they have additional components you won’t find in a smaller vehicle. For example, V8 cars have two valve cover gaskets that are expensive to replace. As smaller autos do not require a duel exhaust, owners won’t have to worry about that.

  • Easier To Fix

Not only are the parts cheaper, but smaller engines are also easier to fix. That is because mechanics have more room to access different parts of the system. Large engines are often packed into the tightest of spaces. That means mechanics sometimes have to remove the entire unit to reach individual components. As a result of that, labour costs increase because the job takes a lot longer. Also, the professional might have to use specialist lifting equipment that adds, even more, time to the task. Research shows that smaller cars cost around 40% less in repair costs when compared to larger models.



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  • Lower Ownership Costs

The costs of keeping a small car on the road are much cheaper than most people expect. Road tax often decreases due to the lack of dangerous emissions. Insurance companies also offer discounts because you’re less likely to drive the car like an idiot. Also, thieves shouldn’t show as much interest because the vehicle isn’t worth as much. The difference between buying insurance for a 1-litre model and a 3-litre model could amount to thousands of pounds. Road users could put that money to better use by paying for an additional family holiday this year.

As you can see from those five logical reasons, it makes sense to look for a small engine in 2016. Hybrid and electric technologies are coming on in leaps and bounds. However, there are still too few charging stations available for motorists today. So, it’s wise to wait a few years until the government and private companies choose to invest more cash in infrastructure. Once that happens, the market will change significantly. You can expect to see thousands of green models on our roads, and improved designs during the next few years. Best of all? Second-hand prices should decrease making the cars affordable for everyone.

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of smaller engines, read this article again. You apparently weren’t paying attention.

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