A new generation for Kia Sportage

The first model of Kia Sportage was produced long time ago. From 1998 the Korean brand had more than 860,000 units sold worlwide. That means the strategy is working and the trend continues in a good manner.

With a cheaper price than Hyundai ix35, consumers have a good reason to order a a Kia in their country.

The All New Kia Sportage means comfort, drive ability and performance.

Technical information:

The chrome grille that outline the rise toward the hood, which folds are high and well defined. The All New Kia Sportage is 1.63 m tall, 6 cm less than the previous generation. This measure, together with a reduction of 91 kg in weight (to 1479 kg). Not so high for passengers who are close to scratch the head when seated in the backseat.

In addition to lower, it is closer to the ground, 17.2 cm ground clearance, compared to the old 19.5 cm. In return, 4.44m in length, 1.85m in width and 2.64m in wheelbase. On the side, narrow glasses come with high waistline, leaving the utility with sporty air. The visual back is clean, with horizontal lamps.

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