A short history of the Korean Automobile Industry

Korea is one of the most advanced automobile industry in the world nowadays. Placed  fifth on the Globe in terms of production volume, became the sixth largest in terms of export volume.

First, its initial operations were merely the assembling parts imported from Japan and United States, but today Korea is a natural force for the automobile industry.

With cars like Hyundai, Kia or Daewpo, Korea in one of the most advance automobile-producing countries.

The quality of their producers is high enough and the price is acceptable for the consumers. Anyway, it’s more affordable to buy a Hyundai than a  Mercedez.


Annual, domestic output excedeed one million unit in 1988. A few year later, the industry manufactured numerous in-house models, demontrating not only its capabilities in term of design, performance and technology, but also signalling its coming of age.

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