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The Trends in Car Customization

There are already many trends that have come and gone in the car accessory field, through the many years that has passed.

Some of the trendy fads that were indeed very popular way back then were the neon under body kits, 13″ wire wheels pushed out, neon washer nozzles, headlight and taillight covers, air shocks and huge rear spoilers, are some of them. Popular trends of the past now is on a slightly different interpretation or style which makes them become popular once more. These smoked headlight and taillight covers are some of the items that has come and gone in the past.

These were indeed popular in the mid to late nineties but its sales had slowed down through the years. Many people are still considering the use of these blacked out headlights, but now, they are refraining from the bad fitting parts, issues with the covers coming off due to installation with double-sided tape, and the weakened light as a result of these modifications. These things that are famous in this modern world of today had their beginnings in the truck accessory industry.

These chrome trim products are now coming back into trend. In the past, these chrome edge trims are on door edges, gas cap, trunk lid, rain guards, etc. For sure, it also had its beginnings in the truck accessory market, because these custom grilles are very similar to those found on it.

Over the many years, custom grille packages have indeed became very famous with car enthusiasts. But the main disadvantage with this is that it is very hard to find because it is custom made by custom auto shops or by their owners. Now, there are a lot of options when it comes to grilles available for cars, trucks and SUVs.

All of these billet grilles, chrome mesh grilles, honeycomb style speed grilles, chrome factory style grille shells, chrome custom aftermarket grille shells, aluminum mesh, are included with the many grille overlay styles that are available in the market. These chrome mesh that resembles the mesh grilles found on Bentley vehicles are one of the most trendy styles used today.

Thanks to this custom grille option for just about any make and model of vehicle, you can now get to customize your car whatever style you want it to have. These car accessories are just a few of the most popular and newest trends in the car accessory industry.

Though these items have been around for years, still these are having various styles and options in today’s market place.

Most probably, the items of the past will never return, but time is the only one that can tell.

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