Amazing “modelling” for Hyundai i30 Estate

What have I told you about the Geneva Motor Show? It keeps going and going.

Now the Hyundai i30 Estate is the hottie of the Korean cars which are going to appear at the Geneva Show and there is no wonder that compared to the normal lineup, this is a remarkable update.

Starting from the engines, it has 3 gas and 3 diesel with a ranging that can get to 133 hp.All this power should only be supported by an appropriate body, so the producers also added 10 mm to it. Therefore we have the perfect wagon, with a fluidic sculpture and a similar design to the Hyundai family. A new element would be the  rear window that wraps around the D-pillar to decrease blind spots.

For now, this is all we know, but we are looking forward to hearing more about the new Hyundai look that is going to drive us crazy.

Stay tunned for more information!



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