And the winner is…. 2012 Kia Rio!

The 2011 LA Auto Show is not the only one that gives awards to the Korean cars. The Irish Motoring Writers’ Association has recently voted the 2012 Kia Rio as the best Continental Irish Car of the Year 2012.

Being in a tight competition with other powerful brands like Ford Focus, Peugeot 508, Mercedes-Benz SLK or Range Rover Evoque, Kia managed to win 181 points, ranking first in top 3.

Kia Rio also knocked down Nissan Juke which won the title last year. As the sponsor of Continental Tyres Ireland,  Paddy Murphy said, this award stands as a true testimony of the achievements of the Korean company: “The Rio’s victory is a measure of the progress which Korean manufacturers have made on the car market in a very short time.”

We are proud of Kia!


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