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    YanaaNilda says:

    LOL ! At first when Seungri was like ‘ AH ! I forgot the name of the song !’ And start shouting
    Then GD and Daesung were like , SHOUTING OF SEUNGRI ! Haha
    That’s become the title then , HAHA

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    ChunkyyBanana says:

    omg!!! I can’t stop looking at GD, he’s soooo cute! <3

    and then Taeyang just randomly starts to dance?? lmao!! xD
    and poor Daesung :')

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    aznrocks4lyfe says:

    daesungs lame jokess.. (: <3
    tae-yang so cute. & so quiet. and dancing damnn! <3333
    top... nice shades.
    g-d talk alot.. (:
    seung ri, adorablee(:

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    kagome271 says:

    b hahaaha BiigBangg IIss Backk !!! haha xD theyy look soo Damn Hot !! ^^ GD <3 ahha xD Top !! everyone !!

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    cool939 says:

    @papagajineg its the song that they actually made for the whole shouting korea thing. its called “the shout of the reds”

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