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    angelpuppy36 says:

    & also daesung’s reaction…BEAUTIFUL XD
    lool i love shows their personality & funniness
    big bang FIGHTING! :]

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    crystal23maiden says:

    Yay!! There are subs now~~!!! Thank you thank you!!!! ^0^ lol, they’re so cute and funny. GD!!!!! <3

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    crystal23maiden says:

    I was just wondering.. sorry if i’m being rude or what, but… why is the first video with subs but this one doesn’t? ^^; It was uploaded by the same user, no? And, um, when will it be subbed?? ^^;;;

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    SamAlq says:

    LOL @ TOP when he shoutXD
    poor dea , why he always have to play the role of the unwanted :S it would be damn interestin if it was GD this time hehehe

    the end is deabak .. I wished they call me instead T~T

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    Flot2illa says:

    @SuperCuttysark Hyundai only needs 80ft-lbs to properly torque the wheel nuts. This can easily be done while holding the tire with one hand while tightening with the other.

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    SuperCuttysark says:

    ID rather stop to change a flat tire than bust a sideways wheelie and have my passenger change it cause he cant obviously torque the lug nuts in hard enough!

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