Paintless dent repair is the process

Paintless dent repair is the process involved with reducing and also greatly reducing or eliminating dents at trucks. Those dents are generally the effects of small accidents along the lines of door slams, hail, or an effortless still dangerous car parking in which brought on the particular car hit a very hard item. Even if […]

Minibus Driving Safety Tips

The most important part of operating a minibus is to the deliver the passengers to their destination safely and on time. You will also need the correct minibus insurance that will cover your passengers. This is true for both professional drivers and those using a minibus for personal use. Important safety tips Going with the flow […]

Audi Chip Tuning

To put a chip tune on an Audi, you need to remove the EPROM containing the engine and replace it with a chip with redesigned software.  Unless you have a turbo, you will probably get just a small horsepower bump from a chip tune; you’re better off upgrading your engine to improve compression, airflow, engine […]

Why You Should Get A Corsa

Some of us aren’t that fussy about cars. If you’re in the market for a real all-rounder, then there’s only one model you need to know of. This car has been sold in the millions worldwide, and has won several awards for its reliability and affordability. Even though it’s becoming outdated, many people will tell […]