2011 Kia Forte EX

The 2011 Kia Forte EX can be an adequate compact auto with regard to relation to its price. It’s affordable, superior about gas, comfortable for several guests, and it has a lot of area to support nearly just about any activity you are able to dream upwards. Simply don’t anticipate this particular vehicle with “wow” […]

Hot Pictures With Kia Cerato!

Beauty comes under different names, but the quality remains the same. Today you are going to see the newest pictures with the Kia which will reinvent the history of the company. Also known in different locations under the name of  K3 (South Korea), Forte (North America) or Cerato (Australia, Brazil), this baby will appear on […]

I have always considered Slovakia as one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries, which very rapidly acquires that sense of modernity and style that we sometimes miss. Therefore, it is no surprise for anyone that Kia cee’d’s most appreciated plant is in Zilina, Slovakia.This is the first location where Kia managed to open an […]

Spy Shots With Kia K3!

Picture time! Because nothing can do it better than a good picture. Well, maybe a good movie, but since we are out of those, we will try the first option.   At the late hour that it is, we will try some pictures of the new compact sedan body, the Kia K3 Chinese version which […]