Comprehending the Korean Language

Korea, much like numerous nations, prefers to use a unique script, an alphabet referred to as Hangul, and this writing system is now known around the world because of its efficiency, superiority, and methodical design. Established during the Choson Dynasty, the name of the korean alphabet means ‘the appropriate tones for the instruction of one’s men and women’, as King Sejong, the script creator, felt ordinary people must be able to comprehend or compose. It was something different from convention, as, before the development of this particular alphabet, only the educated could decipher or even record.

Well before Hangul originated, Chinese writing was used for meter reading as well as writing, but countless, including King Sejong, felt it lacked the capability to communicate Korean oral terminology and even thoughts effectively. Simply the educated had the ability to converse appropriately together with respective authorities or even document their particular history for future generations. After King Sejong designed Hangul, it was no longer a concern, because the completely new alphabet was very easy to master and even exclusive to this nation. Even though it has now benefited Koreans for quite a while, other folks frequently find it difficult to successfully enunciate words while deciphering, composing or even talking. Therefore, many choose to romanize the Korean alphabet to make it easier to successfully pronounce. Doing so gives most the opportunity to read, compose and talk in Korean.

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