Daewoo Cars: Part I


The history of the Daewoo company has been very troubled until 2001, when General Motors decided to buy a big part of GM Daewoo’s  assets. Since there were more than one partner to control the company (Suzuki and SAIC owned an important share with investments of over $400 millions), their success wasn’t instant.

But, the constant need of resuscitating Daewoo maintained GMDAT (GM Daewoo Auto & Technology) alive and added plenty of new models .

Before enumerating the hottest Daewoo cars of this “era”, I suggest we do a small list with the machines that brought fame to this brand: Cielo(hatchback 3/5 doors), Espero, Leganza, Nubira or Tico.

Rings a bell, right? And most of all, it reminds you of the simpler times when everyone had the same type of cars, the prices were smaller and Korean cars were awesome.

Source: www.autoevolution.com

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