Daewoo Cars: Part II


As we started talking, Daewoo has set new ideas among car producers. Although it was not promoting luxury or high class features, Daewoo was known as the brand that can please a major number of people, being dedicated to the mases.

We’ve already covered a little bit of its history, but now is time to return to the 21st century and see which are the models that take our breath away, in the Korean style.

Damas II, Gentra, Lacetti, Magnus, Tacuma, Tosca, Winstorm or Statesman are just some of the examples that are present on the market.

Even if they didn’t manage to manufacture more than 1 or 2 models for each car, Daewoo has started learning more and more about the necessities and requirements of the current industry.

We can only wish them good luck and keep on the good work!













Source: www.autoevolution.com

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