Daewoo’s Legacy


In life there are luxury items and regular ones, so the people who want them can satisfy their most ardent desires. When talking about the car market, things are no different. There are those luxurious machineries like Maserati, Porsche or Mercedes and the “less fortunate” ones like Daewoo.

Maybe is not the best example, since Daewoo’s activity has gone down the drain, but they’ve always wanted to prove that their company is for everyone, and not only rich people.

However, Daewoo has left behind brilliant models like Nubira, Lacetti,Scope, Leganza, Matiz or Cielo. And their continuous presence on the European market proves that they were made to last.

Today, Daewoo is owned by TATA and they’ve already started new projects that can bring to the world innovative concepts and modern features.

We can only wish them good luck!

Source: en.wikipedia.org

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