Discover Iceland’s Magnificent Winter Wonders!

Iceland is now recognized as one of Europe’s top travel destinations. Once considered the least European excursion now turned into a place full of interesting attractions that you might want to see for yourself. To be frank; Iceland is a winter wonder island-nation therefore it is only ideal for those whose preferences coincides with the geography and climate of this nation. If you’re that person, then please take a look to the current top attractions of Iceland below.

The first one you should see is the Skaftafell Ice Cave -a tunnel filled with magnificent ice artworks made by Mother Nature herself. Be sure to take countless travel pictures during your visit to the cave including Skaftafell National Park’s other attractions. This place is literally covered in ice and snow! The next one is the Blue Lagoon located in Grindavik. It is a man-made geothermal spa that features crystal blue waters (hence the name) believed to have healing capabilities.

On the western side of the country lies the West Fjords. This place’s main attraction is none other than the stunning chain of snow-coated mountains. The stunning mountains were the result of glacier formations and re-formations which occurred (and still occurring) thousands of years ago. For hardcore nature lovers; make Dorsmork at the top of your list of places to visit. The mountains, valleys and other landscapes here are absolutely breathtaking. Honestly speaking, whichever direction you decide to take; they all have their own spectacular natural beauty.

Iceland’s capital Reykjavik offers little to visitors looking for over-the-top pampering or for those who loves to shop, experience nightlife, and everything in between. For off-the-beaten path aficionados on the other hand; Iceland’s basic amenities are more than enough. No wonder today, Iceland is considered by backpackers as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.

Before you decide to go there, please don’t forget to check the latest volcanic activity or activities in the country. Iceland has a reputation in Europe similar to that of the countries in the Pacific Ring of Fire –volcanic activities, eruptions, and the likes are not uncommon.

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