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CNG Fuel and Its Advantages

Constant warnings from geological experts on the scarcity of fossil fuel, not to mention rising oil prices, are the driving force behind efforts to find and develop other types of fuel. And among all alternative sources yet discovered, Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is the runaway winner. The automobile industry, the sector that makes the biggest impact on fuel consumption, is now seriously looking into CNG as primary fuel. Car manufacturers have created CNG-compatible vehicles known as Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV). Besides being efficient and low-cost, CNG’s “green” factor has contributed to its popularity.

Reasons to Go CNG

So what makes CNG worth the switch? Even with the massive increases in fuel prices, sales of retail vehicles are still on the rise because of people’s needs. In effect, people don’t only have to deal with high costs, but the gas and carbon emissions produced by traditional fuel also continue to pose serious threats to the environment. Alarmingly enough, up to 50% of the air pollution in the world is brought about by automobile emissions.

Using CNG has the following advantages:

> Cheap cost – Yes, CNG is a lot less expensive than regular fuel. In other words, users can substantially lower their traveling costs per kilometer.

> Green Value – Methane is the chief component of CNG, and there is a small percentage made of propane and ethane. That means CNG is almost totally combustible, with water vapor and hydrogen as its byproducts. Besides that, CNG is the fuel that has the lowest emissions compared to the rest. In fact, it is the cleanest fuel there is in the globe, and makes a big contribution to the preservation of the natural balance.

> Vehicle Safety – Because it doesn’t release carbon, CNG allows vehicle owners to avoid the problem of carbon deposits on parts of the engine. Moreover, CNG doesn’t react adversely with metal, unlike gasoline, meaning automobile parts can last a lot longer. The overall effect is improved vehicle durability and less maintenance demands.

> High Performance – Vehicles that run on CNG deliver high performance. They are more efficient compared to cars on gasoline, even if they deliver equal mileage. NGVs also boast easy start and pick-up, regardless of weather conditions, and this is because CNG is gaseous whereas gasoline is liquid.

> Overall Safety – Worldwide, CNG is considered among the safest fuel types. Since it is lightweight (lighter than air), it instantly goes to the higher parts of the atmosphere after release, so the chances of explosion are practically nil.

CNG – Tomorrow’s Fuel

The risk of full depletion of fossil fuels has become so real today. In fact, in various parts of the world, people are now relying on CNG as their main automobile fuel. Research and development frontliners are more serious than ever in inventing CNG-run vehicles that with higher efficiency and performance. The signs of CNG’s imminent domination couldn’t be clearer today.

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