Everything has a price.Even Kia Rio 2012!

Good news for all the Kia fans: the price of  2012 Kia Rio has been recently announced!

Presented at both the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and 2011 New York International Auto Show, this car is ready to break the tops with a new and pretty affordable price:  $13,600 (with a manual gearbox).

If you are not used to a stick, a model with an automatic transmission is also available but you will have to pay around $15,450 to get it.

Kia Rio 2012 is now available in 3 trims ( LX, EX and SX) and has a 1.6-liter GDI four-cylinder engine. Both the interior and exterior design are a symbol of class and elegance, so purchasing this car is the best way to satisfy all your “driving needs”.

What do you think?

Source: www.thecarblogger.net


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