Features to Expect from Quality Armored Vehicles

For someone who is in the market for an Armored Vehicle and might not be familiar with the qualities to look for or the components that should be incorporated into one, research and a bit of self education is in order.

In today’s the ever increasing security threat environment we live in has created a boom in the Armored Vehicle industry. No longer are they just for the Military, Heads of State or the rich and famous. There are many companies springing up to meet the growing demand. It is therefore, very important to pick a well established and reputable company to insure this major investment lives up to what is expected from it.


A quality Armored Car or SUV will first off, look no different than one that is not armored, this is why you must consider what you can’t see, the armor it’s self. Many variables are involved in the manufacture of armor depending on what it is expected to repel and endure. From just small caliber hand guns up to high powered assault rifles or even light artillery, an Armored Vehicle can be built to survive it but, this will off course will directly affect the total cost.

It is a first step to decide the level of security one needs and can afford when choosing the appropriate armor platting. Once the grade of armor has been established there are then other key elements of consideration, not the least of which is, the windows and windshields. Here again, a wide range of protection in bulletproof glass is offered depending on what one is willing to pay. Top of the line transparent armor can resist even rocket propelled grenades and high-caliber sniper rifles.

Armored Tires will be manufactured using composite materials and alloy’s in an inner doughnut frame so the vehicle can continue unimpeded even if the wheels are shot out. This should be a primary feature to look for in a quality Armored Vehicle because if one can’t escape the attack the whole point of security has been compromised.

Thick armor plating in the floor boards is imperative in protection against detonation devices placed under the car or by roadside bombs. Because of the significant weight that has been added to the vehicle by this armor one needs to be sure the power plant has sufficient horse power. Additional heavy duty suspension and heavy duty brakes are also going to be required. Reinforced bumpers and grills are another element to consider in case of a potential ramming attack or road blocks that must be penetrated.

All of these key factors in Armored Vehicle security must then be incorporated so that it is completely unnoticeable. With all of this in mind, it is time to go shopping for the best manufacturer and a little online research is a good place to start. There are many choices in a company offering Armored Vehicles so it is wise to explore as much as possible about them before making such an important investment. Article courtesy of Inkas Armored Vehicles.

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