For the Year 2017 Kia Promises a Lot!

They go by the same pattern: innovation, power and quality. They learn from each other and are in a fierce competition based on respect and professionalism. And since we have already covered one of them earlier, it is time for Kia to say what is on its mind.

Its main promise is to become a premium brand by the year 2017. That is ambitious!

These dreams and hopes have been made public at a gathering of Kia dealership owners which took place at a hotel in Vancouver (May 14-17). And according to Lee Hyung-keun, vice chairman at Kia,¨the company has set a vehicle sales target of 2.21 million units in the overseas market in 2012, up 8.3 per cent from 2.04 million units from a year earlier.¨

The main pawns of this issue are a K9 luxury premium sedan, an upgraded model of the Sorento R sport utility vehicle, and more than 100 countries, taken into consideration.

Well, we still have a lot going until 2017, but we can wish them good luck in achieving their prospects!





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