Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 and its Cars


Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 is definitely the hottest event of the year (so far) since it has driven us crazy (good crazy) with all the wonders exposed until now. This is the second day of the official opening and there have already been 75 models presented and glorified.

And not any names but imposing brands like Maserati, Aston Martin, Fiat, BMW, Bentley, VW, Opel, Mercedes, Peugeot,  Audi, Seat, Alfa Romeo, Suzuki, Toyota, Ferrari or Volvo have captured all the possible attention (media worldwide has turned this show into a priority).

Among these, 2 Korean cars have made their way into celebrity: SsangYong XIV-1 and Kia GT Concept. Brilliant and breathtaking!

Stay tuned for more updating news!


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