Green cars for Korea

Green cars for Korea

In september 2008 the Ministry of Environment issued a guide on reducing the carbon footprint of public events to promote its “low carbon, green growth. Since than, Korea tries to develop 5 types of vehicles: clean diesel, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, electric cars and fuel cell.

The green car project became popular around the world thanks to the highly fuel efficiency, less pollution and better prices.

Green cars for Korea types

From all the five types, clean diesel cars are more cost-efficient than hybrid and fuel cell cars and are expected to reduce carbon emission by 20 to 30% from the current level.

Fuel cell cars are powered by oxygen alone and discharge water as exhaust instead of toxic gases, while electric cars run without engines, are free of pollution and make very little noise.

Hybrid cars made mainly by A plug-in hybrid car has a plus in front of the hybrid.

Drivers can travel 50-60 kilometres with a home charged battery installed in a plug-in hybrid car.

Green cars for Korea models planed to be released in 2013

Korea’s largest automaker and the world’s sixth largest, Hyundai Motor, already has a number of hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid electric vehicles. But till 2013 the Korean government plans to become one of the four biggest green car manufacturing.

The Korea Forest Research Institute also provides a carbon tree calculator program. To try it, click here and download the related program. (in Korean and English as well).

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