Hair Extension Education – Wholesale Human Hair

Remy hair means its virgin human strands. False.
The word Remy is commonly misused and used to really describe tangle free non virgin human hair. The hair is still human but has no cuticle. This hair is most commonly used for jet blacks or bleach blonde colors and any color in between. The true meaning of Remy is hair that has been cut from only one donors scalp and the cuticles are intact and lying in the same direction when bonded or sewn on a track. Also when wefted or bonded its not mixed with any other donors hair. You made order 8 oz of weave but you may receive 3 wefts instead of the traditional 2. This is the true definition of Remy Human Hair.

Remy strands or non cuticle strands (as its commonly misused) is bad compared to cuticle intact human hair, False.
Remy hair (non cuticle) is most often sought by those who are used to non cuticle strands. I have clients that say cuticle strands are too “thick” or its “heavy”. They say this because they are used to non cuticle strands and it is lighter because it has no cuticle! Non cuticle hair is a great option for those who want light feeling hair or want a true color like a beach blonde or jet black and don’t want to deal with natural hues that come with virgin cuticle hair and dying it. If you like to change your style often or color and texture then non cuticle strands can be a great option. Our non cuticle strands are treated with industrial conditioners and keratin (natural hair protein) to ensure health, shine and tangle free hair. We only use the best resources for our non cuticle hair and it will not tangle, guaranteed! This has a life of 8 months to 1 year depending on care.

I want a deep wave non processed virgin hair. WHAT?
I have clients who want a kinky curl, or deep wave wholesale human hair but don’t want it to be processed! Ok let me fly to Africa or the deep jungles of Brazil and go get it NOT! The most common hair is Indian, Asian, Peruvian and Brazilian hair. All of this hair no matter the hair origin will come in natural common textures of silky straight (Asian Hair) to a natural straight slight wave. It is rare and uncommon to find natural textures in “afro curl, deep curly, jerry curl or kinky straight”. If you want these textures you are looking for “processed or permed virgin cuticle hair”. Virgin cuticle human hair is the best hair to process or use chemicals on. You can process non cuticle hair and it still looks and feels great depending on the chemicals and processes the manufacture use’s but it won’t hold the texture as long as cuticle hair. We use only the best organic chemicals to process our cuticle and non cuticle hair.

Raw Virgin Human Hair vs Keratin Treated Raw Virgin Human Hair.
Most don’t know there is a difference but there is. Raw virgin cuticle’s are dry as its no longer attached to the scalp and receiving natural hair oils. Raw virgin cuticle hair is tangle free but it feels more natural and not as “silky” as keratin treated cuticle’s. Keratin is a natural protein and is not harmful and is added for that extra butter soft feeling. Silicone conditioning treatments on non cuticle hair are also not harmful and help the hair feel silky soft while undergoing the acid rinse removal process to strip the cuticles. Most clients want keratin treated cuticle’s because they don’t like they “natural and dry feeling” of raw virgin hair off the scalp. There are many clients who only want raw virgin with no keratin conditioning treatments because it feels more natural.

Should I get Virgin or Remy?
This question really depends on you. With virgin hair the cuticle is still intact so you will get more longevity from this type of hair. You can treat it as your own, bleach it, color it, perm it and use heating tools in high temperatures. The hair is virgin and the color hues are all different as each woman is different as well as sun exposure. They range from off black to light browns depending on the hair origin. The life of this hair can last 1 to 5 years depending on care.

Most common hair known as fallen hair, also called “Remy” has no cuticle. It has been striped to prevent tangling because the hair has fallen and the cuticles are mixed and going all directions. This hair has longevity too but bleaching treatments are not recommended, semi permanent deposit color is OK to make the hair darker. This hair can also withstand high temperatures and can last 8 months to 1.5 years with proper care. Remy is a good choice if you like true jet black or pure bright blondes and anything in between. It can also come in many textures. If you like to change your style often, go for our non – virgin remy tangle free hair. We only use the best resources for this hair and its butter soft. Please order a texture chart to feel the hair yourself.

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