How to get the best value for an old car?

Cracking the deal of selling your old car at a handsome price is really a tough task. However, it’s not impossible though. If you take care of your vehicle regularly, wash it, clean it, send it to service centre on regular interval and replace the accessories as required, then your vehicle should be in good condition. The first question the potential buyer will ask you is ‘what is your car’s mileage?’ Well, you need to be prepared for this question and if he/she wants a test drive then you have to allow.

There are some factors that determine the cost of a vehicle’s resell value, let’s know them:

Condition of the vehicle

Besides the external appearance, you should also take care of the internal conditions of the vehicle. For a good resell value you will require to replace the damages seat covers, windscreen, wiper, floor mats, lights and arrangements on the dash board. Paintwork is immensely necessary to offer a appealing look of the vehicle.


Repair the accessories if required

If you find that the suspension, axle or wheels need to be repaired or replaced because of excessive use, then do the job without hesitation. If you find that the fuel tank, cooling tank and other internal appliances have leakage, then you should repair them without delay.

Ensure good performance and mileage

 You should take your vehicle for regular maintenance to reliable service centers in the city. Ensure that the vehicle offers good mileage on city as well as highways. If I want to sell my car then I should ensure that no black smoke and sound takes place while starting.

Do you have the receipts of the car when purchased?

A vehicle ownership receipt is must and you should have it as documentation. While you sell the car the ownership documentations should be transferred to the new buyer’s name. Well, you will require all the genuine documents at that time. Also, gather the MOT certificates and service records of the vehicle.

A good research and advertisement

Do good research-work and find out what is the present price going for the car-model you have. Keep the price a little low than the competitive market price. On top of that, you will need to go for good advertisement in various local newspapers, magazines and on social media sites. A good advertisement can fetch more potential buyers and ensure you to get good reselling value.

Good negotiation skills

You would definitely need good negotiation skills as the buyer will obviously get into bargaining in order to lower down the price. Good negotiation skills will help you a lot to get lucrative resell value.

Allow for test drive

You should allow the buyer to go for a test drive and judge whether the vehicle is in good condition or not.

Above all these, you need to keep the vehicle maintained and in good working condition so that you will not have to spend much on repair works during selling it.

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