How To Take Your SUV Off Road



Want to have a fuller off road experience with your SUV? If so, read on. We’re going to take you through how to find and prepare your vehicle for the best possible trip. There are a few things to look out for – so let’s dive in straight at the deep end.

Find the right SUV

Some SUVs are more suited to off-road experiences than others. So, your first step is to choose a vehicle that will give you the best performance, for the best price. Now, most SUVs you see these days are OK for city driving and bumpy country roads – but take them off-road and you might have problems. There are some good options, though. Take the Hyundai Santa Fe, for example. gives it a better than average score, and you can also find out about consumer experiences on a car and driving forum. Do your research, and you will find the right car for your needs.

Upgrade your suspension

Off-roading is all about your suspension, and upgrading your system will allow you to take on the much bumpier ground. Your suspension system will allow your axles and tyres to give you that little extra traction you need for a safer journey. While SUV suspension is better than a typical car, there is some fine tuning needed before taking it over rough terrain.



Make it tougher

As we mentioned before, not all SUVs are ready for the off road experience when they come off the factory line. So, if you buy a model more suitable for city driving, you’ll need to toughen the old girl up. Think about investing in skid plates, Nerf bars, and roll cages to give you that extra bit of protection. It’s also important to understand that these additions will add a lot of weight to your vehicle. So, unless you want to spend a fortune on fuel, make sure you can remove them when you are normally driving.

Improve your tyres

It’s also a wise idea to upgrade your tyres to something more suitable for off-roading. The bigger your tyres, the more clearance you get from the ground. And, the more tread they have, the easier it will be to drive through muddy conditions.There are plenty of options out there for off-roaders. Take the General GRABBER at2 as a good example of a tyre that can improve your experience to no end.

Practice makes perfect

Once your car is ready, it’s time to prepare yourself. Now, off road driving is a different experience to normal driving, and you’ll need to learn the ins and outs as you go along. So, it’s vital not to bite off more than you can chew. Take your time to learn how your car moves on the bumpy, muddy surfaces. And, take steep slopes carefully. No matter how much you invest in upgrades, it’s your skills as an off-road driver that will get you through sticky situations. Be prepared for emergencies, too – off-roading can be dangerous, especially if you have little experience.

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