Hyundai Calls Back Elantra 2012 Because of Airbag Injury!

Hey guys, it has been so long since my last post, I know, but today I have some interesting and useful things, to make you forgive me.

Some of you Hyundai lovers, might have heard about the crash during which a side curtain airbag  has allegedly injured a driver in a crash. Thah is not good for anyone, but especially not for Hyundai, therefore  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided to open an investigation and check almost 123,000 vehicles.

This happened after NHTSA has received a complaint from a person who has suffered injuries at his face and ears because of the airbag. According to the photos, the ¨guilty evil ¨ was a metal part which perforated  from the left edge of the headliner above the driver seat.

From Hyundai´s official statement, we  understood that the investigation has just began and will probably last some time: “The evaluation is in the very early stages; neither Hyundai nor NHTSA have had an opportunity to inspect the 2012 Elantra that is the subject of this evaluation.Hyundai has no other reports of injury from side curtain airbag deployment in the 2012 Elantra.”

Let´s hope everything will be ok before anything worse happens!




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