Hyundai – fast and furious in the US automarket

The Korean duo – Hyundai and Kia – combined market share of 10.1% in May from 7.7% in 2010.

At the moment Hyundai is targeting sales of 624,000 units in the United States and Kia has a goal of “only” 433,000 cars. Last year Kia and Hyundai sold together more than 800.000 units and now they become one of the fastest growing automakers in the US market.

Chairman Chung Mong-koo announced at the end of June that Hyundai Motor Group consisting of Hyundai and Kia  aims to raise its US auto sales the current year to 1.06 units or by 18.2%.

In the next months Kia will launch the new Rio, while Hyundai will launch a Veloster. This decision is made to keep the momentum going for the two Korean brands.

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