Hyundai Genesis Gets Ready For Winter!

We like Hyundai and since we have heard the news, we love it even more. What news? You haven’t heard about it?

Hyundai is planning to assure its ass for winter time and add an all-wheel drive option for the powerful and luxurious Hyundai Genesis.

According to Hyundai’s  CEO, John Krafcik, ( “We learned our lesson with snow-belt buyers and the first Genesis sedan, so the next-generation Genesis, which will be previewed in concept car form later this year, will have AWD capability.”), Hyundai will take a big step into the life of the luxury sedans.

They will not only provide security for all the Hyundai buyers, but also a plus of safety and an improved traction for the powerful 4.6-liter V8 engines.



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