Hyundai i40 Wagon wins another big award!

Hyundai is like a chameleon. It can be strong and fast for those who like speed but it can also be roomy and protective for families with children.

It managed to prove this when Hyundai i40 Wagon was designed. Although it is slightly different from what we might be used to, this  car managed to win a serious award given by EuroCarBody Board.

The competition was really fierce, the 2012 model running against brands like Audi A6, Mercedes Benz B class, BMW 1 series or Mazda CX-5. However, Hyundai managed to surpass its rivals and win 37.89 points out of 50, so it is pretty obvious that it has something that the others are missing.

Since this was the first time for everything (the first time an Asian automaker wins this prize or the first time Hyundai entered one of its car into a competition of this type), we can only wish them good luck and a biiig number of prizes from now on!













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